Privacy Policy

Saladin and Manzetti Ltd. is committed to ensuring that all personal information provided on its web site is handled in accordance with data protection. Security measures are taken to protect against unauthorised use or access. Saladin and Manzetti Ltd. will not rent or sell customer information to third parties. Personal information collected is done so with the knowledge and authorisation of customers and site users for use by Saladin and Manzetti Ltd business purposes including marketing and market research only.

To enable us to create an account and process orders, we require the following:

Those who have not yet created an account will be asked to supply an email address when applying. Address and payment details will be required when you reach the stage of making a purchase.

Within Saladin and Manzetti Ltd. we protect your privacy in three ways.

1. Access to customer information is limited to those who need access for the performance of their job.

2. We use full login and password controls on our sales control system.

3. All persons working with Saladin and Manzetti Ltd. are required to respect confidentiality as part of their terms of working with the company.

Confidentiality and database access controls are reviewed periodically and updated as required in order to further protect your personal data.

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